The new TLB-series multi-point security locks consist of main lock mechanisms and several optional accessories that greatly improve the anti-intrusion security. To find out more about different security locks and available accessories follow our product links.
TLBx series mortise door locks TLB3 and TLBF are equipped with multiple locking points along the lock edge of the door with optional permanent, hinge reinforcement bolts. The TLB5 model provides additional top & bottom jamb locking points. Main lock mechanism consists of circular roller bolts and additional auxiliary locks using plane edge roller bolts.

Mechanisms are protected in galvanized steel closed cases. Auxiliary lock mechanisms are provided with anti-return system. The multipoint security locks come with a wide choice of cylinders, ranging from restricted security cylinders to standard cylinders conforming to both European DIN and U.S.A. UL regulations.
These patented security cylinders are result of over 60 years of industry experience and utmost commitment to quality and detail. Each cylinder is protected with a security escutcheon that improves aesthetic appearance and prevents doors to be scratched with the key movements. Since the security locks are manufactured to international standards customer has an option to use his own, existing cylinder.