Have a look at the most recent break-in case in a condominium building. It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, most of the families are home or pretty close by. Well, apparently that does not bother burglars at all. Around 3 pm a woman and a man entered the building and broke into one of the suites on the second floor! It must have taken them only few minutes. Fortunately, nobody was home. There were neighbors at home on the same floor yet nobody heard anything suspicious. The door, equipped with a nice dead bolt was not a challenge for the couple sporting a crow bar. As you can see on the picture a dead bolt was easily pry opened:

As you can see, using an ordinary dead bolt there is only one place that needs to be compromised. Burglars will wedge a crow bar between the lock and the door jamb and the result can be seen above.


If you have a closer look at the dead bolt mechanism you will notice that the actual bolt is missing. It is not snapped in half as one would expect. Due to rather poor design and construction of the particular dead bolt model the door was opened so easy. The force applied resulted in breaking the attachment between the bolt and the locking mechanism.

As you can see, the door was completely replaced. Now it is equipped with two new shiny dead bolts, a key-in-knob lock and the door edge brass guard! Just looking at it reminds you of a fortress. I have to admit, this solution does send a bold message to a burglar. Yet to a law abiding citizen the sight is not very pleasant.