Our company specializes in residential and business security solutions. The focus of our business is import, distribution and retail sale of multi point security door locks. This site is designed to be useful and informative, for both the do-it-yourself homeowners and professionals and we trust you will find the product suitable for your application.

We recognize that home and business security are becoming more and more an issue of concern with increasing break-in crime. Property crimes, break-ins and more importantly home invasions are becoming more and more of an issue we must all deal with right now. The protection of your residence and/or business premises against intrusion should be one of your main priorities. Our products will help you to keep a step or two ahead of criminals. BoSi Systems offers the top of the anti-intrusion technology in entry door locks manufactured by TESA a leader in the industry.

These days, with an increasing crime rate, it is natural that a responsible homeowner takes the threat of a break-in seriously. Remember that, when it comes to break-ins, 80% are carried out by opportunists, rather than by professional burglars, fortunately almost always take place when the house is unoccupied. The majority of break-ins are committed when the house is empty, with easy access and rapid escape routes. If a burglar is required to spend a lot of time or effort getting in or out the risk of being spotted or heard rises, thereby deterring the burglar. Adopting a few simple security measures around your house will deter burglars and protect your family.

In order to evaluate the security measures necessary, imagine for one moment a burglar trying to enter your home. Where would he strike? Below, you will find a list of possible weak points that should be checked:

Did you know that in almost 60% of all home intrusions the entry or back doors are used to gain access to the premises? Commonly used locks can be opened in a matter of seconds using a simple screwdriver! The most common door locking system is the key-in-knob system. These locks are very easily "jimmied" and provide almost no security to your residence at all. We often resort to a simple solution of adding an additional lock, deadbolt. True, deadbolts do improve the entrance security. So now you have possibly two keys on your key chain and spend bit more time opening and closing the door. Seems like small price to pay for the perception of anti-intrusion security. Full mortise locks do combine the two, offer double lock protection, yet still only the mid-section of the door entrance is secured and the door can still be pried open. Regardless of the strength of your doors, an intruder can still gain entry if the locks you use are not adequate!

Multi point security locks, imported from the leading European security locks manufacturer TESA and used in over 100 countries have proven to be successful in fighting break-in crime for over 25 years. TESA patented technology reaches new heights of anti-intrusion security. There is absolutely no reason that you should not take advantage of this time-proven and affordable technology. Do not forget, you are protecting not only tens of thousands of dollars of valuables, but more importantly providing security for your family. For few hundred dollars you can greatly improve your odds against either a professional burglar or a drug addict resorting to crime to support his or hers habit!

Take time and explore the range of products and accessories we offer. We believe you will find a product here that suits your needs .....